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Obesity & Weight Management

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The Obesity Clinic under Director Dr. Abrar A. Khan provides a science based holistic system to treat Obesity and increased Weight problems. It combines the Medical treatment for Obesity with Evidence based methods used by the Athletes to lose weight.

The Program uses the current FDA approved Drugs for Obesity and the most effective Fat burning Supplements. Integrated with Diet Modifications, Exercise, Physical Activities and Behavioral & Lifestyle changes it brings about rapid and sustained Fat Loss.

All the Components of the Treatment are backed by scientific studies and have been well tested practically, as attested by a multitude of patients. The stress is on Diet, Health, Fitness and Smart Lifestyle to have a Slim Physique for the rest of the Life.

Obesity & Weight Management Services

The Obesity Clinic provides different packages for management of Obesity and Obesity related metabolic disorders :

Obesity Screening / Weight Loss PACKAGE

(a Pioneer in Weight Loss & Obesity Management).

  • Full Body Digital Biometric Fat Analysis

(Measures Fat in 24 different body areas & Muscle Strength of individual muscles).

  • Complete Lab Investigations for Obesity & associated Medical Conditions*
  • Identification of the underlying Causes of Obesity & associated Risk Factors.
  • Screening & Medical Management of :-

Heart Disease, Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Gout & other Metabolic Disorders.

  • Diet, Exercise & Lifestyle Changes & Advice for permanent Weight Loss.
  • Individualized Diet Regimens & Diet Charts.
  • Individualized home based Exercise Regimens & Physiotherapy Sessions*
  • FDA (USA) approved safest Weight Loss Medications*
  • FDA (USA) approved effective Fat Loss Supplements*

Consultation (Basic) : 500 AED (Individual) / 750 AED (Couples) .

Dr. Abrar A. Khan

General Physician (DHA) | Head - General Medicine | Director Obesity Clinic. Dr. Abrar has been associated with the science and study ...